Recap of the Nov 4th meetup

Delicious catering provided by avecplaisirs.com, sponsored by enovance.com

Once again we had a great event! 75 out of 80 tickets taken, and over 50 people made it. Thank you all for coming.

A big thanks also goes out to our sponsors. CloudOps provided us with beverages and the space, while eNovance provided us with the delicious catering (by avecplaisirs.com).

Here are links related to yesterday’s presentations.

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On Introducing DevOps

At the event yesterday, I mentioned two good resources for introducing DevOps into your businesses.

Like most big changes, the biggest challenge is convincing people, rather than the implementation details.

Here’s a list of 3 good resources about introducing DevOps, starting from the shortest.

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A great first event, with a few surprises!

Thanks everyone for coming! This first event was great, and I’m very much looking forward for the next one.

We’ve had a few mishaps, like me forgetting to order the pizza in advance. This caused the delivery man to arrive after the building had closed. So he couldn’t get in, and tried to call me a bunch of times while I was speaking in front everyone #fail :-) Thankfully, Christian and Charles from Shopify saved the day by going downstairs and grabbing the pizzas for us!

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Access to DevOpsMtl at SUPINFO

DevOpsMtl #1 is hosted at SUPINFO, at 666 Sherbrooke West (corner University), on the 15th floor. Doors open at 18:30.

For security reasons, the main entrance to the building closes after 19:00, however.

If you arrive after 19:00 or if you go out for a cigarette during the evening, remember to come in via the secondary entrance on University, and greet the security guard :-) Here’s a picture showing both entrances:

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Rebirth of DevOpsMtl

This first post will be short and sweet.

I’ve started talking about re-launching DevOpsMtl all summer, at various events. This past Tuesday, I started sending out the official invitation in various places. Well, as of yesterday night, 72h later, the event’s 50 tickets were all gone! This will be amazing :-)

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