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Monolithic VS Microservices Cloud Architecture

This month’s presentation is about applications Cloud Architecture.
The meetup is at centre and is sponsored by Interactive Intelligence.
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The main presentation will be in english, but it’s Montreal: as usual most of the people attending can answer you question in french or english.

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Monolithic VS Microservices Cloud Architecture

Description: Not All Clouds Are Created Equal

Many older cloud applications are monolithic under the covers. Even though they can serve multiple tenants, they’re built as a large set of highly interdependent components. A failure in one component can have devastating impact on another, resulting in service outages for many or even all clients. The problems are often exacerbated by deployment in data centers with limited access to hardware. The PureCloud℠ platform takes a radically different approach. Instead of using a number of tightly coupled components, it divides its functionality into hundreds of microservices. Each microservice is stateless and independently load-balanced.

Let’s compare clouds.
A monolithic cloud architecture relies on massive amounts of interlinked software. If one piece of the software breaks, the whole application, and other applications that are interlinked, must be updated. Where as a True Cloud architecture is made of independent microservices. Updates can be made to smaller independent microservices without impacting the whole.
A monolithic cloud architecture requires complex annual upgrades. This can include massive amounts of time planning and even downtime. But with a True Cloud, you get continuous updates and innovation. New features or enhancements are rolled out consistently with little to no impact on the user.
A monolithic cloud can include multiple points of failure.

Par: Steve Dobrzanski

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When: Monday September 12th. Doors open at 18:00, presentations start at 19:00
Where: Centre, at 420 Rue Guy
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