DevOpsMtl Shopify edition!

This month, we are moving to Shopify’s new offices to learn about their deployment pipeline and ActiveState/HP’s Stackato PAAS.

So once again we are away from our usual home this month the full address is below.

Food & beverages and the space will also be sponsored by Shopify.


Shopify’s deployment pipeline
Description: Jean Boussier from Shopify’s Prod-Engineering team will talk to us about the tech stack behind their deployment pipeline. It include Locutus to build Docker images, Buildkite and Scrooge as a distributed CI and Shipit + Capistrano as the deployment script/app combo.
By Jean Boussier

Second Talk: ActiveState/HP’s Stackato PAAS

Description: Get the full story on Stackato, from an introduction, to a description of what is PaaS, to an overview of key features and current issues, topped with a demo of  the deployment of an application.
By Douglas Meldrum

Lightning talk: you?

If you’ve discovered something cool recently, and would like to share it with everyone, feel free to come do an impromptu 1m or 5m lightning talk. You can come as unprepared as you want. It’ll be fun!

If you’re looking for that special person to join your team, you’re welcome to come in front of everyone and pitch us about your awesome opportunities! We’re an equal opportunity group: you have 5 minutes too ;-)

The details
Please register on EventBrite to help us plan for the food & drinks.

When: Monday December 7th. Doors open at 18:00, presentations start at 19:00
Where: Shopify Montreal, at 490 Rue de La Gauchetière Ouest.
Who: Everyone who is interested in DevOps and delivering software reliably
Cost: Free
Food & drinks: courtesy of Shopify.
Questions? Ask the whole gangAsk the organizers.

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