Docker on Azure Workshop

This month we’re doing another workshop, so bring your laptop! The kind folks from Microsoft are going to come show us the Azure platform. We’ll get the opportunity to deploy some Docker images on there, and experience the platform for ourselves.

The event is taking place at Centre cloud.ca, as usual, at 420 Rue Guy. Food & beverages will be sponsored by Microsoft Azure.

Suggestion: sign up to a free Azure account in advance, this gives you a 200$ credit to kick the tires :-) But don’t blow all your credits before the workshop!


Introduction to Azure
Description: In this presentation, Rami will give an overview of Azure Websites (PaaS), Virtual Machines (IaaS) and Big Data (Hadoop, etc.)
Par Rami Sayar (@ramisayarramisayar.com)
Bio: Developer Evangelist at Microsoft Canada, focusing on web technologies (Edge, JavaScript, HTML5, Node.js, Python) and open source interoperability with Azure (Docker, Node.js, RoR, Python).

Build-Ship-Run Docker on Azure
Description: In this presentation, Rami will introduce the history of Docker and the Docker ecosystem, explain how do Linux containers work (kernel features, copy-on-write, etc) and perform a build-ship-run loop showcasing the Hub, Docker Compose, Fig, Deis, etc… on Azure.
Par Rami Sayar (@ramisayarramisayar.com)

Description: This is where you unleash your Docker instances upon the world!

After the break

If you’re looking for that special person to join your team, or if you have an event you want to tell us about, you’re welcome to come in front of everyone and tell us about it!

The details
Please register on EventBrite to help us plan for the food & drinks.

When: Monday May 4th. Doors open at 18:00, presentations start at 19:00
Where: Centre cloud.ca, at 420 Rue Guy
Who: Everyone who is interested in DevOps and delivering software reliably
Cost: Free
Food & drinks: courtesy of Microsoft Azure.
Questions? Ask the whole gangAsk the organizers.

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