Hosting git.kernel.org and building your own packages

This month, we have two very interesting presentations lined up. One we planned to have a few months ago, and a brand new one.

The meetup is back to our usual place, now named Centre cloud.ca, at 420 Rue Guy.

Food & beverages will be sponsored by Lightspeed POS. As usual, our sponsor for the space is Centre cloud.ca.


Packaging for easier redeployment
Description: In this short talk we will be covering a crucial step to ensure your
infrastructure is always consistent and fast to re-deploy; packaging.
Maybe your setup has to have a very specific run-time engine extension
that has to be compiled at every install, or a service package is only
available as a zip file or as sources.
We’ll be covering how to use make, fpm and setup your own Debian
repository. Also, I´ll show how you can leverage your CDN to store
files for you.
Par Renoir Boulanger (@renoirb, Github, Keybase)
Bio: Renoir Boulanger has been the DevOps lead on WebPlatform.org for the
past two years. He has been developing websites and web applications
for over ten years. His experience includes server management and web
development for several communications agencies in the province of
Quebec. He created web integration libraries, and participated in the
development of various specialized web applications, some of which
were for big­ name clients such as the World Wide Web Consortium
(W3C),  Ericsson, Telefilm Canada, and the Union des Artistes.

Things I learned from running git.kernel.org
Description: Kernel.org is the host of one of the most popular git repositories in
the world — the Linux kernel. In this presentation, I’ll share my
experience in:
- Synchronizing the contents across 3 geo-distributed mirrors
- Configuring the servers so they can handle the attention
- Optimizing the git daemon for improved performance
Par Ada K. Ryabitsev (@mricon+KonstantinRyabitsev)

Par James (@purpleidea, blog)

Go for sysadmins
Par Simon Plourde (@simonplourde)

Lightning talk: you?

If you’ve discovered something cool recently, and would like to share it with everyone, feel free to come do an impromptu 1m or 5m lightning talk. You can come as unprepared as you want. It’ll be fun!

If you’re looking for that special person to join your team, you’re welcome to come in front of everyone and pitch us about your awesome opportunities! We’re an equal opportunity group: you have 5 minutes too ;-)

The details
Please register on EventBrite to help us plan for the food & drinks.

When: Monday May 4th. Doors open at 18:00, presentations start at 19:00
Where: Centre cloud.ca, at 420 Rue Guy
Who: Everyone who is interested in DevOps and delivering software reliably
Cost: Free
Food & drinks: courtesy of Lightspeed POS.
Questions? Ask the whole gangAsk the organizers.

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