Open Source Part Un

This month we will be talking about open source from three different angles: running an open source project, choosing a license, and of course two technical talks, about a few open source tools.

As usual, the meetup is taking place at CloudOps, at 420 Rue Guy.

Food & beverages will be sponsored by Lightspeed POS. As usual, our sponsor for the space is  CloudOps.


Traitez votre projet open source comme une startup
Description: Peu importe les problèmes ou les défis que votre projet open source résout, si personne ne l’utilise, c’est peine perdue. Votre projet, en ce sens, n’est pas très différent de la situation d’une startup! Voici quelques leçons tirées de ma propre expérience avec mon premier projet open source.
Par Simon Plourde (@simonplourde)
Administrateur système chez La Presse & auteur d’Uchiwa, un dashboard pour Sensu.

Service discovery with Consul
Description: Consul I.O is a service discovery software that supports many ways of discovering and configuring your infrastructure.
During this presentation, I will try to cover the features that are the most interesting to me in Consul IO.
I will go over auto registration of services, healthchecks, key/value store,  service catalog and some operations and monitoring tips. I will show some concrete examples on how we started to use some of these features for our applications.
Par David Chamard (LinkedIn, email)
I am a senior devops engineer that currently works at Samsung. I love building/automating distributed systems at large scale. I  work closely  with  engineers and I build tools to help them to  do their job  better by letting them  focus on their applications. I have over 12 years of experience in IT and around 5  years of experience operating/automating large scale applications.

Picking your Open Source license
Description: So you decided to open your source code. Congratulations! You now need to pick a license to protect your code… and yourself. I will make an overview of the most typical license used and what kind of criteria you can use to select the one that fit the vision you have for the future of your project.
Par Benoît Caron (@bencaron)
Jack of all trades, master of some. Sysadmin @ La Presse. Using, deploying and contributing open source code for too long to remember.

Yet another Benchmark – Ceph vs Swift vs Riac-CS
Description: Object storage is the bedrock of cloud computing. As cloud computing has matured, many object-storage solutions have appeared on the market. Each of them offers comparable functionality, notably a RESTful API for storing and retrieving files, massive scalability and data durability, and the economics of commodity JBOD storage but how to define the best combination of software to serve these objects ? This is basically the goal of this benchmark. We ran different load tests on different solutions to find the best combination of web, proxy server, and object storage to serve as fast as possible one file such data as text, images, audio, and video files, as well as large files like ISOs or VM snapshots.
Par Marc-André Jutras (@MarcAndreJutras, email, cloudops.com)
Cloud Architect at CloudOps

Lightning talk: you?

If you’ve discovered something cool recently, and would like to share it with everyone, feel free to come do an impromptu 1m or 5m lightning talk. You can come as unprepared as you want. It’ll be fun!

If you’re looking for that special person to join your team, you’re welcome to come in front of everyone and pitch us about your awesome opportunities! We’re an equal opportunity group: you have 5 minutes too ;-)

The details
Please register on EventBrite to help us plan for the food & drinks.

When: Monday December 1st. Doors open at 18:00, presentations start at 19:00
Where: CloudOps / RPM Startup Centre, at 420 Rue Guy
Who: Everyone who is interested in DevOps and delivering software reliably
Cost: Free
Food & drinks: courtesy of Lightspeed POS.
Questions? Ask the whole gangAsk the organizers.

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