Recap of DevOpsMtl.py

Wow, what an event! We were booked at 150 / 150. Huge thanks to RadialPoint for hosting us and providing food and drinks, as well as LightSpeed Retail, for sponsoring the event. Both companies are looking for awesome people to join their teams. Check out the opportunities at RadialPoint and the opportunities at LightSpeed Retail. A huge thanks also goes to all of our presenters, our panelists and our panel host.

Here’s the recap of the evening.

Configuration management – finding the tool to fit your needs
Presentation slides
Par Joseph Hall (@techhatGitHubSaltStack)

Code Review
Par Alex Gaynor (@alex_gaynorwebsite)

Scaling the Facebook Cache Infrastructure with Python
a.k.a. Handling a billion queries per second with Memcache
Par Yannick Gingras from Facebook (@ygringras)

Python 3 panel
With amazing panelists:

Huge thanks also goes out to our moderator, Brandon Rhodes (@brandon_rhodes, website).

Thank you all for coming. This was an amazing night!

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