Recap of the February meetup

Thank you all for coming this week. Thanks as always to our sponsor CloudOps for the space, and thanks to FlightHub for sponsoring food & beverages.

Most of all, thanks to our presenters for taking the time to come talk to us about Documenting infrastructure, cool command-line tricks and Ansible Galaxy.

A huge thanks to David Coronel for giving away 10 awesome vintage AnsibleWorks t-shirts :-) They’re going to be worth a lot, since the company just changed their name to Ansible. So these are among the last AnsibleWorks t-shirts to be produced in the galaxy!

Here’s the information for those who couldn’t attend.

Documenting infrastructure (par Pierre-Luc Dion)

Quick DevOps Hacks (par James, just James)

Ansible-Galaxy (par Pierre-Paul Lefebvre)

I forgot to name the book Pierre-Paul won, when I gave it away. So for those who were wondering, it’s The Phoenix Project. I can’t recommend this book enough! It came out about a year ago, and I’ve read it 2 times already, and purchased it for 3 distinct persons. It’s that good.

As always, your feedback and discussions are welcome in the DevOps Montreal Google Group.

See you next month!

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