Recap of the January meetup

Thank you all for coming this week, on the first day of work of the year for many of us. Thanks as always to our sponsor CloudOps for the space.

Most of all, thanks to our presenters for taking the time to come talk to us about Docker, Dokku and the history of container technologies. Here’s the information for those who couldn’t attend.

Docker.io (by Colin Surprenant)

Dokku (by Benoît Caron)

A Decade of Linux Containers (by Simon Boulet)

Alex Dergachev was kind enough to take some great pictures of the event, and made them available on his Google+ account. Thanks a lot Alex, the pictures are amazing!

I forgot to mention it at the event, but last month’s presenter Pierre-Paul Lefebvre (Vagrant-AWS) won a hardcopy of the Phoenix Project, because he was the first one to find the appropriate easter egg on devopsmtl.com :-)

As always, your feedback and discussions are welcome in the DevOps Montreal Google Group.

Have a great 2014, filled with interesting challenges and interesting solutions :-)

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