2014 kick-off – Contain your enthusiasm: Docker, Dokku, the history of container technologies

The first event of 2014 will be packed with goodness. Hold on to your ears! The event will take place at CloudOps 420 Rue Guy as usual, on January 6th.

Our sponsors for sustenance this month are “yet to be announced” ;-) If you know of a company who can make this kind of decision during the holidays, let us know at devops-montreal-admin@googlegroups.com!

The topic this month is container technologies. Out of all the discussions in the past few months, Docker has been the single topic that was requested the most. Container technologies are this month’s main topic.

Main presentation

Introduction to Docker: the open source Linux container engine

By Colin Surprenant (@colinsurprenant, github, website)
Bio: Senior Data Plumber at PasswordBox.
Passionate self-starter, Internet and open source software developer having fun with internet technologies, social media ecosystems, distributed & scalable architectures, real-time data and stream processing. Rock climber.

Lightning Talks

A Decade of Linux Containers (présentation en français)

Containers technologies have been gaining a lot of traction in the DevOps world, especially with the arrival of Docker.io. But these technologies have been around for more than 10 years. In this talk, we will dive through the history of Linux Containers, and how it differentiates with traditional virtualization technologies. From Linux UML and VServer days in the early 2000s, through OpenVZ and the rise of Linux namespaces and cgroups, to LXC, the new kid on the block.

By Simon Boulet (@simonboulet, LinkedIn)
Bio: Systems Engineer and Entrepreneur. I’ve been living and breathing web hosting for the last 15 years. Today, I’m helping Montreal small businesses and start-ups streamline their development, deployment and server management processes.


Quick overview of Dokku, your very own simple Heroku in a few hundreds lines of bash. Dokku is built on top of Docker.

By Benoît Caron (@bencaron)
Bio: Your average geek. Sysadmin @ La Presse.

L’innovation dans l’entreprise

(Détails à venir)

By Christophe Lessard


As you can see, this month is already packed with lightning talks. So we won’t take impromptu lightning talks this time. But please keep your ideas for February :-)

We do have time for announcements, though. So if you want to make an announcement to your fellow DevOps, or if you’re looking for that special person to join your team, you’re welcome to come in front of everyone and tell us what you have to say! We’re an equal opportunity group: you have 5 minutes. Just like the lightning talks ;-)

The details

Please register on EventBrite to help us (hopefully) plan for the food & drinks.

When: Monday January 6th, at 18:00
Where: CloudOps / RPM Startup Centre, at 420 Rue Guy
Who: Everyone who is interested in DevOps and delivering software reliably
Cost: Free
Food & drinks: Cross your fingers. Nope :-(
Questions? Ask the whole gangAsk the organizers.


  • 18:00 – Doors open, we talk and eat
  • 19:00 – A word from our sponsor
  • 19:05 – Main presentation
  • 10m Break
  • 10m Announcements and job openings
  • Secondary talk and / or lightning talks

Update: James won’t be able to give his “Quick DevOps Hacks” presentation this month. We’ll keep that in store for a later date!

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