Win a Game Tonight at DevOpsMtl, Christmas Edition

Last month, Marc from Ubisoft came to chat with us, and gave the organizers a copy of Splinter Cell – Blacklist (XBOX 360), to have a draw. The draw will happen tonight, based on the registered attendees.

Although the code for selecting the winner has already been audited by Deloitte, feel free to check it out yourself in this gist :-)

Quick list of rules:

  • You need to be present to win the game. If the winner is absent, we’ll simply run the draw again.
  • The draw will be held against the attendees who have registered before 15:00 today.
  • If you win, feel free to say no if you don’t have a XBOX 360 or don’t have anyone to give the game to. We’ll simply run the draw again.

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