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2014 kick-off – Contain your enthusiasm: Docker, Dokku, the history of container technologies

The first event of 2014 will be packed with goodness. Hold on to your ears! The event will take place at CloudOps 420 Rue Guy as usual, on January 6th.

Our sponsors for sustenance this month are “yet to be announced” ;-) If you know of a company who can make this kind of decision during the holidays, let us know at!

The topic this month is container technologies. Out of all the discussions in the past few months, Docker has been the single topic that was requested the most. Container technologies are this month’s main topic.

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Recap of the December meetup

Thank you all for coming last week. Another great event, packed with good people and good food. Thanks as well to our sponsors: RadialPoint for the food and beverages, and CloudOps for the space.

Most of all, thanks to our presenters for taking the time to come talk to us about Vagrant-AWS, Augeas and Ansible. Here’s the information for those who couldn’t attend.

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