Recap of the Nov 4th meetup

Delicious catering provided by avecplaisirs.com, sponsored by enovance.com

Once again we had a great event! 75 out of 80 tickets taken, and over 50 people made it. Thank you all for coming.

A big thanks also goes out to our sponsors. CloudOps provided us with beverages and the space, while eNovance provided us with the delicious catering (by avecplaisirs.com).

Here are links related to yesterday’s presentations.

Monitoring dynamique avec Sensu, Graphite et Chef (by @failshell)

Sending Data to Graphite… For Developers (by @skinp)

Creating a Sensu Check (by @webmat)

In closing, we would like to know what you thought of the evening. Any feedback about the location, the way the event unfolded or the presentations are welcome. You’re welcome to share your thoughts in the Google Group.

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