A great first event, with a few surprises!

Thanks everyone for coming! This first event was great, and I’m very much looking forward for the next one.

We’ve had a few mishaps, like me forgetting to order the pizza in advance. This caused the delivery man to arrive after the building had closed. So he couldn’t get in, and tried to call me a bunch of times while I was speaking in front everyone #fail :-) Thankfully, Christian and Charles from Shopify saved the day by going downstairs and grabbing the pizzas for us!

In addition to saving the day, Shopify sponsored the food and beer. They’re an awesome company who just opened an office in Montreal. Check them out if you’re interested!


By show of hand, people there yesterday identified themselves as:

  • 50% developers
  • 40% operations / systems administration
  • 10% business people
  • 10% students (<= you’re starting off ahead of your peers, you’re doing great!)
  • 100% awesome people

A great mix, overall!

A lot of people also came to me and said they’d like to do presentations about various subjects. I can promise you the next events will be an awesome mix of tech and cultural talks about DevOps. This is going to be great!


I mistakenly scheduled yesterday’s event on the same night as MtlNewTech and BigData (sorry guys!). This isn’t great, and I’ll try to find a better date for the future :-)

The next event will be announced shortly.

Keep in touch!

Please make sure you join the Google Group devops-montreal to make suggestions, to stay in the loop for future events and to take part in all discussions about DevOps with the Montréal community.

If you have ideas or suggestions for DevOpsMtl, feel free to click on “suggestions” on the website, and let us know what you think!

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